Digital Identity Management

Identity Management (IdM) solution manages users’ digital identities and enables them to access the right services and information according to defined principles. IdM system ensures compliance with processes, because it is not possible to bypass it. IdM system usually takes care of the access rights in all target systems (i.e. provisions) for all the users in the organization throughout the user lifecycle.

Identity Management takes care of identity lifecycle, which often is referred to as joiner, mover, leaver process. It is important to grant access for joiners efficiently. From security perspective it is at least equally important to close access when they leave or move to a different role. Identity Management is very much about processes. These lifecycle processes should be well defined, otherwise IdM solution or system cannot function properly.

Recipe for Successful IdM Project

Identity Management usually touches many parts of an organization. There are typically many stakeholders and dependencies. It is worthwhile to seek help from experienced IdM professionals. We are here to help. We ask the right questions. We help to figure out dependencies. We also help to mitigate risk – and to avoid potential pitfalls. If your organization considers IdM project please do not hesitate to contact us.