Turvakolmio merges with Loihde Trust Ltd on 31 December 2022

Turvakolmio joined the Loihde Group after an acquisition in June this year and on 31 December 2022, we will merge with Loihde Trust Ltd.
Together we are Finland’s largest provider of electronic security technology and are able to serve our customers even better than before, both in places where we currently have operations and on a larger scale, all over Finland.

The change does not affect our cooperation. Our agreements will be transferred to Loihde Trust Ltd in accordance with the Terms of Agreement.

Our email addresses already follow the format firstname.lastname@loihde.com. Our old email addresses that end with turvakolmio.fi still function during a transition period.

Our personal phone numbers remain unchanged. By calling +358 29 001 3000, you will be able to reach all of Loihde Trust’s experts.

You can also find our services and contact details on our website at www.loihdetrust.com.

The postal address of the entire company and the new location of our Helsinki offices are:

Loihde Trust Ltd
Atomitie 5
FI-00370 Helsinki

The addresses of our other offices are:

Aunankorvenkatu 2, FI-33840 Tampere, FINLAND
Jussilankatu 4, FI-15680 Lahti, FINLAND
Pamilonkatu 9, FI-80100 Joensuu, FINLAND

Loihde Trust Ltd’s business ID is 0863729-2.

We are eagerly looking forward to the merger with Loihde Trust. From here on, we can offer more extensive security services to our customers, as we, in addition to being a provider of security technology and locking services, will become a significant provider of digital security services and solutions.

For more information:
Pasi Tikkanen, pasi.tikkanen@loihde.com
Director in charge of nationwide customer relationships and technology for Loihde Trust’s Physical Security