Difficulties in Seeing the Bigger Picture?

Often the organization’s state of Identity and Access Management is difficult to understand fully. There is no visibility and too many open questions.

Marvin (name changed), 42 years old IT Manager straightens his cardigan. He has just learned that there are dangerous job roles in SAP. Segregation of duties is not properly handled. Different risk scenarios go through Marvin’s mind. He becomes pale, and curls under his desk and whimpers.

Work Stages of Navigator

Project Starts -> Interviews & Workshops -> Intermediate Report -> Detailed Planning -> Final Report

What Happens After Navigator?

The reports from Navigator help your organization to make better decisions on how to proceed in enhancing your IAM capabilities.  Your organization visibility and understanding within IAM is increased. Natural next step after the Navigator is to proceed with basic IAM implementation with our Pilot or go straight for a full IAM solution with Craftsman.