Viria Security, Tansec and Spellpoint are now Loihde Trust

Viria Security Ltd changed its name and is as of 1 September 2021 Loihde Trust Ltd. We are still the same familiar company, but through the change we want to emphasise our increased cooperation with the entire Loihde corporate network, and in particular the enhanced cooperation within Loihde’s security business. By changing our name, we aim to serve our customers more comprehensively and to unite our personnel under the same brand.

The main task of Loihde Trust is to increase our customers’ trust in the future. Loihde Trust produces comprehensive corporate security solutions, from security technology to cyber security. When corporate security is viewed as a whole, you can create a business environment for the customer, where the customer is able to develop and focus on core competencies. Loihde Trust is a corporate network that consists of Loihde Trust that focuses on protecting the physical and digital world, Loihde Trust Spellpoint that focuses on identity and access management and Loihde Trust Tansec that focuses on data transfer. 

Loihde Trust builds a better and safer tomorrow with the aid of data and smart technology.

Security Solutions

In the networked world, the protection of information, people and assets requires protection against both physical and cyber threats. The most efficient approach is to manage these threats as a whole. Viria is the only company in Finland that offers total security.

Digital Development

We boost our customers’ competitiveness with data analytics and digital services that are based on a solid understanding of customers and their needs. We help our customers to develop to a data-driven organisation.