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Leave all your security worries with us. Loihde Trust is a pioneer in comprehensive corporative security. We protect information, people and property, by means of both physical and digital security. When security worries don’t cause any hassle or stress, our customers have time for everything else, even to the point of boredom. All of this is made possible by our about 500 experts all over Finland.

Loihde Trust builds a better and safer tomorrow with the aid of data and smart technology.

Security Solutions

In the networked world, the protection of information, people and assets requires protection against both physical and cyber threats. The most efficient approach is to manage these threats as a whole. Loihde is the only company in Finland that offers total security.

Digital Development

We boost our customers’ competitiveness with data analytics and digital services that are based on a solid understanding of customers and their needs. We help our customers to develop to a data-driven organisation.

Our customers


Turvakolmio merges with Loihde Trust Ltd on 31 December 2022

Turvakolmio joined the Loihde Group after an acquisition in June this year and on 31 December 2022, we will merge with Loihde Trust Ltd.
Together we are Finland’s largest provider of electronic security technology and are able to serve our customers even better than before, both in places where we currently have operations and on a larger scale, all over Finland.