Loihde Trust taustalla

Loihde’s subsidiaries Viria Security, Tansec and Spellpoint operate together under the Loihde Trust brand as of 1 September 2021

Viria Security Ltd changed its name and is as of 1 September 2021 Loihde Trust Ltd. We are still the same familiar company, but through the change we want to emphasise our increased cooperation with the entire Loihde corporate network, and in particular the enhanced cooperation within Loihde’s security business. By changing our name, we aim to serve our customers more comprehensively and to unite our personnel under the same brand. 

 Loihde is an expert organisation specialising in digital development and security solutions. The foundation of our work is customer understanding and solution focus. We transform complicated setups into services that are simple to buy, use and understand. Loihde’s history can be traced back almost 140 years. You may read more about our history and future here. Group revenue was EUR 106 million last year. 

What changes? 

The people, services and know-how stay the same and keep developing, so nothing changes there. Our offices also remain in their current locations. The change affects our company name, which as of 1 September 2021 is Loihde Trust Ltd. In accordance with this, we also start using new email addresses firstname.lastname@loihde.com and our website is henceforth www.loihdetrust.com. Our general email addresses change and get the ending .trust. For example, myynti@viria.fi is from now on myynti.trust@loihde.com. However, our old addresses will function side by side with the new ones during a transition period. 

More about Loihde Group

Security solutions 

 The main task of Loihde Trust is to increase our customers’ trust in the future. Loihde Trust produces comprehensive corporate security solutions, from security technology to cyber security. When corporate security is viewed as a whole, you can create a business environment for the customer, where the customer is able to develop and focus on core competencies. Loihde Trust is a corporate network that consists of Loihde Trust that focuses on protecting the physical and digital world, Loihde Trust Spellpoint that focuses on identity and access management and Loihde Trust Tansec that focuses on data transfer. 

 Digital development 

 Loihde Advisory combines high-quality data, the most appropriate technology, efficient processes and organisational change capability optimised for our customers’ business goals. We offer strategy consulting, solution design and architectural services, as well as change and project management. 

 Loihde Analytics is a top expert in smart solutions and data-driven business activities. We create insightful services, and together with our customers we innovate business intelligence solutions for the future. We build data and analytics solutions that support corporate business activities. 

Loihde Factor plans and implements people-centred digital services and strategies for companies of all sizes. We dive deep into the world of our customers and lead them towards new horizons with the help of design, analytics and technology, as well as strategy and forecasting work. 

Loihde’s history 

Loihde Plc has its roots in local telephone company operations and its history can be traced back almost 140 years. In 1882, a group of merchants in Vaasa established Oy Waasan Telefooniyhdistys, which was the fifth telephone company in Finland. In the course of decades, local telephone companies merged their operations and more than a century later, in 1989, Vaasan Puhelin and Etelä-Pohjanmaan Puhelin merged into Vaasan Läänin Puhelin Oy. Approximately twenty years later, in 2008, the company changed its name to Anvia. 

In 2016, Anvia sold its telecom business and a new era in the company’s history began. In January 2017, the Group changed its name to Viria, and according to our new strategy we began developing into an expert in security solutions, business intelligence and digital development. 

We have expanded and strengthened the Group and its service offerings through several acquisitions in recent years. Our security solutions business was strengthened with cyber security know-how, and nowadays Loihde Trust is one of the largest providers of comprehensive business security in Finland. 

Our digital development business has grown by adding competence in developing our customers’ digital business activities, business intelligence, building data solutions and software development. Additionally, we have expanded our digital development business to the Swedish market as well. 

Through growth and acquisitions, we have reached the point where our Group name as of today is Loihde and all our subsidiaries also show that they are part of the Loihde network through their own brands. Our subsidiaries remain independent companies. We operate in the markets of security and digital development, which are very interesting and continuously developing, and we believe that Loihde has good opportunities to grow and succeed.